Our beginning


Adding to its cosmopolitan culture and old world charm, Kochi can brag of being a foodie’s paradise. The city has always warmly accepted numerous cuisines from the world over.
To the people living along the coast, seafood has always been quite indispensable. But buying seafood has never been an easy job, especially women. Many have stayed away from the reeking markets with the ruckus of vendors and buyers. There were scheduled time slots on weekends or late evenings to go fish-shopping. They would also look for their trusted hawkers to ensure that they get pure clean fish with none of those added preservatives and chemicals. Imagine all this just to buy some fish!!
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Pondering over these hardships, we decided to turn buying fish into an absolute shopping experience. Ever so passionate about fish, we wanted to bring in all the variants from around the world under one roof with international standards to maintain hygiene and freshness. With this objective, we decided to launch a store with exotic imported fish along with other options of freshwater, marine and all shelled fish. That’s not all, you can even buy a live fish.
The Salmon has undoubtedly been proclaimed as the ‘Holy Grail’ of seafood. Its charismatic persona instilled in us a desire to deliver a novelty as unique as the Salmon itself. Like the Salmon - auspicious, unique and persevering, we are committed to offer fresh, natural and handpicked products to our customers.
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This store at the heart of Kochi, could be your first choice to step into considering the paramount attention we pay to hygiene, cutting, packing and delivery of each and every product we sell. We wanted all our products to be special, exactly like the Salmon, hence our store became Salmons.
Anybody looking for fillet / fish finger cuts? We will do it for you.
Salmons was crafted keeping in mind your expectations.
Salmons is all about you.